Friday, August 7, 2015


The hour is late and I will write more sometime  in the morning, but Thursday night was a bummer!

There was to be two "highlights" to the Planning Board meeting; the South Ave project and my reason for going the plan  for rezoning the Muhlenberg Campus. Unfortunate the legal notice published lacked  either the words "condemnation or non-condemnation" in describing the reason for the proposed  zoning change to the property. That made the legal notice illegal therefore the hearing has to be rescheduled.

I came home to listen to the "?debate?".  TV has a good soporific effect and I must have dozed when Chrisite was asked a question. In fact I only heard him addressed once before the closing remarks. My impression was that the  "moderators" had favorites and focused on about four of the ten for most of the two hours.

I did record the broadcast and after I review the "tape" will then make a comment.

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  1. This is a study to determine if this property is in need of redevelopment. No zoning changes will be discussed.