Wednesday, August 19, 2015


If yesterday morning had not been from 8am on a goof off day I might have also written a blog for today. If I had not sat down with Dawg to watch the Mets’ game and used the ¾ hour non rain delay for a nap, I might have written today s blog. However, I had to see if the Mets’ Bull Pen would blow deGrom’s great pitching performance. Yes they almost did, but with the Mets’ 9 position players (the Oriels. Second basement made 2 crucial errors and had a third play that should have been an error) the good guys persevered.

If I didn’t have a “social appointment” at a doctor this am I could still post another long blog this morning on the PILOT and the South Ave. redevelopment.

But briefly for something to ponder; today’s Ledger would have had in spread headlines instead of #2 the fact that Christie had dropped out of the top 10 in a poll. Instead the fact that the priest who had fled to Ecuador after been involved in a sex scandal finally admitted he had made a mistake. Of course the real blame laid with the youngster who had an “evil” mind. It ain’t my fault.

This somehow reminds me of our Councilors who profess ignorance about the South Ave. project because (a) we have not been spoon fed,(b) I may not have the developer’s expertise but he does not have mine,(c) I know how to play the game, (d) I am being disrespected, (c) we want transparency!.

The 63+ comments to Bernice’s yesterday blog should be evidence of the community’s interest in the project and in the terms and needs of the PILOT.

Yes as someone wrote the PILOTs were primarily focused on commercial/ manufacturing redevelopment; but large residential projects are legitimate candidates. Previous Councils have awarded such tax abatements to other developers and in the Case of the Cedarbrook senior citizens apartment they not only renewed that one but extended it with changes in ownership.

That not only was done over citizens’ objections but a pervasion of the intent to create a project, not give an economic boon to new investors.

As to transparency, how can the Council demand it if they refuse to explain why they either abstain or vote against an Ordinance or Resolution?

Finally if they truly want to be in the loop there is another Panning Board meeting Thursday where the project will be discussed. I don’t recall any there at the last meeting.

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  1. Good point. I hope those on our council who don't have a blog page will start one and take comments and questions from the citizens of Plainfield. They seem to be all mouth and little else. If they truly want to help Plainfield, they will post comments that are fit to print, not just those supporting them. You are right, Doc, if all of the posts to Bernice's column yesterday don't give Taylor, Rivers, Toliver, and Brown a hint that the people of this city are tired of their games, then they never will get the point. The results of the last election are already lost on them.