Sunday, August 23, 2015


Although it is still an 80+ degree August the leaves are already falling. And although it is slightly more than 14 months before we have to choose a new President there is adequate indication that the silly political season has started.

Yes it is about a year before the Conventions selects their party’s nominee.

The ones that I may favor today most likely will not be on the horizon then. Thus I will not even focus today on whom of my top three. is on the ballot  Be assured that if it is one I consider a clown; I will vote for the other party’s candidate! GF that it too will not be a clown.
For the Republicans it would be a national catastrophe if the  likes of a Perry, Cruz, Santorum, or Huckabee, became their nominee.

Of course the ultimate farce would be if the Republican nominee is TRUMP. Perhaps the ridiculous number of would be Presidents accounts for the fact that he leads in the polls. .

There are 17 Republicans; Hillary and 4 other Democrats with Joe Biden joining any day now and Blomberg and OMG Gore said to be interested. Add to these 25 aspirants???  There also are Independent Jeff Boss “truther of New Jersey”, Wells of North Carolina- Reformed Party and constitutional Party and Chicago businessman Willie Wilson who have declared their candidacy.
But prior to any discussions on the candidates; knowledge of the new factors which impact and influence the ultimate nomination is important. First of these is the Super Pacs. 
As you may know an individual is now allowed to give up to $5,400 to candidates—$2,700 for their primary campaigns, and another $2,700 for the general election—and up to $33,400 per year to national party committees in the 2016 cycle.

However as a result of the earlier SCOTUS decision in “Citizens United” that political expenditures do not corrupt the political process, neither do contributions to groups that make such expenditures. In July 2010 the Appeals Federal Court decision in “ v. Federal Election Commission”. which concerned Unions’ rights’ to donate to elections; gave birth to the Super PACs “Technically known as independent expenditure-only committees, Super PACs may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates. Super PACs must, however, report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or quarterly basis -- the Super PAC's choice -- as a traditional PAC would. Unlike traditional PACs, Super PACs are prohibited from donating money directly to political candidates.”

The other important influence motivator is the Polls. Unfortunately too many through the wording of the questions or selection of the pool can be manipulated to bring out desired results. In the Ledger’s war against Christie; they have gleefully pointed out his poor standings rarely focusing on the size or demographics of the poll.

Is must be understood that as the fringe bottom 12 or 13 drop out the shift of their supporters could create a drastic change in the poll standings. What we see today may not be a true indication of a candidate's electability.

We will follow up next time with Party candidates.


  1. Trump's strategy may be obtuse but his positions represent many people.

    1. Saddly that is true. There are also many people whose "positions" or prejudices pave the way for despots. Fortunately that has not happened here in USA but we must be ever vigilant that it does not for it can.

  2. I believe Trump is bringing up issues that people want to talk about, but the politically correct politicians dare not broach them.

    Unfortunately, his rhetoric is divisive and at times hateful, so I am not a fan.

    But I do believe politicians would be served by listening to what he is saying, and putting forth their own, non-political, non-vote getting, view. People want to know what politicians think. They don't want politicians to say what will get them votes.

  3. I believe Barack Obama to be refined, intelligent and able to meet any world leader on equal terms. My only hope is that the next president can do as well. I do not see Trump in that role.
    (n.b. - As a reporter I was not allowed to have opinions, but now that I have been retired for 12 years, I feel entitled to have one every so often)

  4. The majority of politicians (local, state and definitely national) have some level of corruption no matter how you slice and dice them. You cannot make it to higher political offices unless you grease hundreds of palms and sell part of your soul in the process.

    The one refreshing thing about Trump, and any sort of billionaire politician (aka Michael Bloomberg) is that these individuals do not need to sell their souls to the devil for a few bucks to get elected. Now, their ideology may not sit well with all people -- but that is what politics is about.

    I am in no way supporting Trumps policy or his actions. He is brazen, obnoxious and rude; but he is bringing up issues people want to talk about and he is not being politically correct in his words and he is not pandering. In many ways that is refreshing to many people who are tired of the constant pandering for votes.

    Every individual has specific ideology and specific issues which defines what is important to them in any given election. Trump is very smart in identifying key components of his ideology that is resonating with a significant group of voters and by pissing off another group of voters he is causing more and more attention to be placed on him. Sorry ladies and gentlemen -- Trump will not be going away anytime soon. The freak show will continue and it will be so very entertaining.