Friday, August 28, 2015


Kasich, Jeb Bush and the Donald; the three that today seem to be most likely of the Republicans still standing when it is convention time.

I included Kasich instead of Carson who is in a solid second place on the most recent polls. Kasich, Ohio’s Governor, not only has perhaps the highest in state approval record by the voters, but one of the few that is positive.

My granddaughter who works for the Ohio State Government says he tends to be a “micromanager”

He has appeal to the centralists and also the Tea Partyers. He has become the darling of the moderate right Republican Media and has made tremendous gains since the debate.

“Kasich offers a conservative message that predates the tea party movement: He’d like to shrink government and do away with regulations, including some of the Wall Street rules enacted after the financial crisis. But he does not want to eliminate the federal government altogether. Kasich worked as an executive at Lehman Brothers from 2001 until the 2008 collapse of the firm, an event that helped jump-start the economic crisis. That experience could cause him political problems if he comes closer to winning the nomination”... (Noah Bierman, LA Times)

He has modified his illegals’ position in recent years and has remained conservative in the abortion issue.

Kasich has inherited Christie's position as the darling of the moderate right of the Republican Party and is the true  leader at this point despite the polls.

Jeb Bush the original front runner has slipped in the recent polls. He has suffered from some foot in the mouth spontaneous statements Also the dynasty Bush name is a millstone around his neck.

The fact that his wife is Mexican was the subject of a Trump attack. Bush has said he is in favor of stricter border control and has offered a “plan” He says the 10 million illegals in the Sates have to be addressed but does suggest legalization rather than citizenship.

As for Trump; he is the P.T.Barnum of 21st Century American Politics. He will gladly show all of us the egress. Yes he is a proponent of the outrageous and the “you can fool some of the people all of the time and all the people some of the time” school of politics uttering what groups of people want to hear but never specifics. A man of three failed marriages who talks about the sanctity of marriage.

Trump may be leading in the polls today, but when the reality of electing a President hits I am sure he will fail to win the nomination.

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  1. I think the politicians would be well served to notice how voters are responding to Trump's directness. Not to say Trump is a viable candidate, but he speaks his mind, and does not flip flop.

    The politicians are paralyzed by political correctness and their lack of focus on the citizens of this country. Once they win, they start running for re-election forgetting they have a job to perform.

    While Trump will not be President, he should not be dismissed. He has touched a nerve within the American public that no other politician has managed to do.