Sunday, February 1, 2015


Frustration! My computer repeatedly refused to print the agenda for Monday night’s meeting snow be damned.

There are several items that will be of interest to see if they will be accept for the agenda. Perhaps we could need a bookie.

One is an Ordinance changing the city’s representative to PARSA from the PMUA to the Mayor’s nomination. That is as it should be, PMUA has no business having that power. Since Mapp’s nomination is Thomas Crownover whom the Council has rejected numerous times it will not happen unless that was part of the agreement. (no go)

There is resolution authorizing approval to award a multi-phased professional services contract to Parentebeard to conduct a forensic audit for an amount not to exceed $60000.00. The Council’s handling this one will be of interest; did not make the grade last month.(no go) Rejected by Council in Dec.

Other items of interest include:

A resolution authorizing a consulting agreement for professional services with international consulting group to perform an audit of utility billing.(ok though I have not read the  support material, this may be another forensic audit; in that case no go)) Please read Bernices blog Plaintalker today for an explanation.

A resolution authorizing approval to award a contract to Packetalk to provide a city wide closed circuit television (CCTV).(about time how many years)

There are 5 new Ordinances for first reading including one for entitled sick leave for employees. Since I am unable to print any of the stuff on the agenda I do not have any more idea about the wording and content to pose any opinion.

If I can solve my printing problem I will post more Monday.

Addendum;Sunday afternoon printer problem fixed;will have some comment Monday am. 

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