Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FEB. 3, 2015

The sun is out but it is cold. If it were not for the 7:45 city robocall I might have had a good post 3am night’s sleep.

The City’s warning/emergency system is good innovation; except I am one who rush to find a phone and usually when I am cooking dinner it is an inconsequential (for me) message. I would not discourage the service, but hope it would be more selective on routine calls. The “Nixle” internet messages are valuable but one must be prepared to receive them. Both information modalities are the unattainable 110% improvement over our previous administration.  

The next improvement would to have alternate emergency dates for all Council meetings. Having the Agenda Fixing Session held just before the scheduled business session defeats the purpose of that meeting. There must be a sufficient interval between the two meetings for Councilors and the public to “understand” what is on the agenda. Initial concepts can be changed by the input of more and often contrary opinions.

Since the weather reports indicate another potentially large winter event Sunday night into Monday, perhaps the Council President could at this time fix an emergency alternated date for the meeting. Is there provision in the charter for such action?

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