Saturday, February 21, 2015


One of the best discussions on  the present proponents of the Islamic jihad is in this long article from the Atlantic Monthly. If the link works and you want knowledge  (CLICK) .

One of the points that I hoped I made the other day in my "Face Reality" blog is that the ISIS form of Jihad although it may represent only a very small percentage of Muslims  is a serious danger to the all the world's "non-believers". This does include those of the overwhelming majority sect of  Sunni Muslims who ISIS adherents believe have strayed from the fundamental basic  teachings of the Koran. That includes all who believe that secular law is superior to religious law ,"Sharia".

The conflict will be a long one and in various different areas besides Iraq/Syria. We can not win it if we an the other countries put limits on the length of involvement.

We must expect and accept casualties. That is why I advocate for us a universal all gender draft with specific limits on service. That is the only way that the burden of fighting this "war" can be equalized over all the population. We must be sure to avoid the errors of the Vietnam war in which despite the "draft" there were service avoidance possibilities  that resulted in a disproportion of those in combat being African-Americans.

On another note: The scam phone calls are increasing. The other day I received the "Warning from IRS"; "You are about to be sued by the IRS unless you call this number". The call ID was from a "pay phone"?. There are also a slew of "Veteran's Organizations"  of dubious origin calling for donations.  Check before you commit.


  1. There seems to be an increase of telemarketers, which I thought once you got on the no call list, you were not to be called!

    I keep getting calls telling me that my computer was sending signals to them that it had a virus. Cute trick since my laptop wasn't even on! I reported them to the Attorney General, and suggest people do the same for all the telemarketers that call. What happened to being on the no call list?

    1. Yes, if you turn onthe free check it installs a virus that requires you buy their so called virus cleaner.. Agood anti-virud ptogram will remove it.