Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Under pressure from family and plus some common sense I did not venture out yesterday and missed a Council meeting fireworks. I hope (and am sure) that Bernice will give a full set of reports so that we can know what and how our Council acts.

The continued opposition which was spearheaded by Reid in the past; by members of this year's Council strongly suspect gross fiscal irregularities in the past and a  desire to cover up.

If the powers that be don't step in and follow through there should be enough public outrage to bring all facets of the metropolitan media into the picture. The overriding question is how deep  does involvement go. Are individuals in government but not locally involved. Time will tell.


  1. I posted this with Bernice, but it's worth repeating. Council President Rivers appears to have been complicate in the shady fiscal activities of the Robinson-Briggs administration. At least her actions at City Council would suggest that. I think it is shameful that the President of the City Council is so unprofessional and rude to the public and other councilors. Ms. Rivers is a councilor responsible for her actions past and present and accountable to the people of Plainfield. Eight years of Sharon have seemed to remove that realization from some councilors' minds. I hope we get to the bottom of this past illegal activity and the perps (police term). go to jail. I think some past and present members of the City Council should start to worry. If they are not losing sleep over their past actions I think they should start.

  2. One can only hope that there will be outrage, but Plainfielders are either on Jerry's payroll, or feel they have no power.

    Hopefully, we can get them moving when outrageous mishandling of money appears.

    Also makes you wonder who on the council knew of the shenanigans, and who may be libel for jail time with Sharon if things are proven that she misappropriated funds.

  3. I encourage the Administration to forward any suspicious information on the appropriate authorities for action. Misuse of taxpayer money is a serious issue and it should be dealt with seriously.

    I thought Council President Rivers made an excellent suggestion about the forensic audit, namely that it should go back 20 years. She makes a very good point. Certainly Plainfield's financial irregularities didn't only happen over the past 10 years. As a taxpayer I'd like to know where the issues were in the past so the City can take measures so they don't happen again in the future. And at a cost of $30,000 to $60,000 the forensic audit would cost less than one tenth of one percent of the City budget, which is a bargain. I am confident the savings from closing financial loopholes will more than recoup the costs. I hope the Administration and the rest of the Council embrace Ms. Rivers' lead on a 20 year forensic audit.

    Tom Kaercher