Monday, February 23, 2015


Yes Dan, another waypost today on the journey through life. Overall it has been an enjoyable journey,  one with more pluses than minuses.

All the negatives have mostly been of my own doing, not someone else’s fault. Yes there have been bad “incidents” caused by others but one of the meanings of Yom Kippur is to first request one's forgiveness to others for the sins they have done to you.**

If anyone may wonder why I am able to write this after eight (It really is nine) and a half decades of being here; the only answer that I can think of is that the good advice that I have given patients should have been worded “Do as I tell you, not as I do”. For the last two decades I can also thank the Plainfield Council. If you would attend Council meetings you would understand why.

Needless to say the secret for a long life is to enjoy every sunrise and every sunset; to be sorry for but not regret the mistakes you made, understanding that if you had the choice again under similar circumstances it would be the same.

Among the good things of my life is the fact that after all these years my children still talk to and confide in me. That despite the fact that as a parent I would have been guilty of what is known today as child abuse; my kids got spanked, some times on the bare butt, if and when they deserved it. None of this "Spock time out". His post war influence is probably the biggest cause for the present generation's youth problems.

Some remembrances of the past decades:
First decade: got born in house on corner of 4th and Grant Ave. The heat was steam from a (soft?) coal burning furnace that had to be banked at night and the ashes shaken down every night. Do any of you remember coal heat or how to take care of the furnace?

Occasionally there were sparks from that coal up the chimney.

Once when I was about four one of those sparks set the roof on fire.  My parents had "live-in" help from Jamaica. We were eating breakfast when she informed us that the “fire brigade” was outside the house. At that time there was an engine stationed on 4th Street opposite Darrow Ave. a block away.

Our pet was an Airedale a very protective dog who would not let the firemen into the house. To make a short story short the fire was rapidly extinguished with only damage to the roof. The wood shingles were replaced with hard asbestos shingles that lasted for over forty years. Incidentally all the pipes in the basement were covered with asbestos as was the furnace.  

Other remembrances of that first decade were Washington School. The trolley on 4th St. and our Don Juan Heinz Hound Rex. Some heavy snows and being towed around the block behind our car; imagine that happening today.

The Twenties were happy care free days, houses were never locked except at night. In 1929 before the crash my parents bought a house on Schroon Lake with about a ½ mile of shore front and spent their summers there until the late 50s. My father would spend all August there.

Over the next few days I will blog a little more about each decade of memories. The good stuff only of course.  

** The prayer: “I hereby forgive all who have hurt me, all who have done me wrong, deliberately or by accident, whether by word or by deed. May no one be punished on my account. As I forgive and pardon fully those who have done me wrong, may those whom I have harmed forgive and pardon me, whether I acted deliberately or by accident, whether by word or deed. Wipe away my sins, O Lord, with your great mercy. May I not repeat the wrongs I have committed. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you, my Rock and my Redeemer.”


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Doc. I appreciate your civic input and your blog. I would, however, like to hear even more stories from the WWII years--and perhaps see more pictures. :)



    1. Thanks Rebecca. I have exhausted over the years many of my WWII stories, except the ones I dare not post. But will dig up some from time to time. The Library hs a collection that I wrote at my family's request during the Brokaw "Greatest Generation" crazy.. In the past decade I have become aare of some errors mainly as to place names, but all is 60 years true.

  3. Happy Birthday Doc! I also enjoy reading you every day when I see you have published something new. If my father were still alive, he would be turning 95 next month. I miss him every day, not just for him being my father, but also the wisdom he tried to impart on me all the years we did have together, and that sometimes only became clear now as I approach my own golden years. I wish you many more years to come.

  4. Susan Lattimore JacksonFebruary 23, 2015 at 10:20 AM

    Happy 95th Birthday, Doc. You are truly a pleasant reminder of Plainfield's possibilities, first ministering to the sick and know ministering to our minds, with your blog. I Thank you,

  5. Very best wishes to a great person and a great Plainfielder. And thank you for posting the prayer - it says it all.

  6. Doc, you are one of Plainfield's jewels. Have a great birthday today and an even better Birthday Year!!!!

    Thank you for all you do for Plainfield, and thank you for the prayer. It does say it all.

  7. Happy Birthday to a wise and wonderful person!!

  8. Happy birthday, Doc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  9. Yes, as Jeanette above said, indeed, "you are one of Plainfield's jewels," as such a role model for many and particular to me. I know you will appreciate, "Numbers 6:24-26." Angelo

  10. Happy birthday Doc. Wish you many many more.