Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The Mayor’s robot-tele spokesperson interrupted my lunch Monday, to warn me that it was too dangerous to be out on the icy streets and walks. Good advice especially if it did not involve Council.

Any comments I make about the February meeting will have to be based on third hand accounts. The Mayor and his chief of staff could do the public a service if they would post on the city site the   city’s local TV cable station’s schedule; especially the time  of the showing the Council meetings. I have repeatedly made that suggestion and there must be someone responsible to provide the info

 Meantime Dawg and I caught up on needed sleep.

In my last blog I had made a cynical request for information about a so called “vessel sprain” an unlikely injury to a non-solid structure such as a ligament. I have received only one response to that question.

FYI, I had thought that what was meant was a small tear or contusion to a vein with clot formation. A tear to an artery would have been apparent immediately after the injury with increasing evidence of blood escaping into the soft tissues of the neck.

Of all the media only the NY Post remarked;” Multiple doctors unconnected to Lundqvist’s treatment told the Daily News the injury Lundqvist is describing more likely would be classified as a partial tear or leak of a blood vessel, since one does not “sprain” a blood vessel the way one sprains a joint.:”


  1. Do you know where to find the schedule? It is posted every week on Friday (no later than Saturday) here:http://www.plainfield.com/pctv_96.html

    How to access from HOME PAGE:

    After accessing City of Plainfield Home page
    >scroll to Departments
    drop down menu to: Administration & Finance
    then to
    >Information Technology then select >Media
    Scroll down the Media page and you will see a blue ribbon that says
    VIEW PCTV SCHEDULE-click on that and you will see it.

    1. Thank you Jamie. I followed up on your advcie but unfortunately the only listings were from 1/30/15 to 2/5/15.