Friday, January 30, 2015


Snow called for today, but only a dusting to 2”, however tonight and Saturday will be extremely cold. The snow predicted for Sunday night and supposedly on Monday may also be light or up to 5” according to what weather reporter happens to be on your TV at the moment.

Neither amount will, as experienced   has shown, affect the Council meeting. If only we poor residents could also have a virtual attendance.

Thanks to AJ we will be able to look at the agenda tonight and perhaps the support material. Since the total package ran to some 80 pages for the last regular meeting I question how many Councilors will have read the entire package.

I have been puzzled by the lack of comments to the blogs about the Special Council meetings. Does that mean that the majority of the public accept any shenanigans as the price of being a resident? Or are they so browbeaten that they have become indifferent?

One of the great media changes, as Bernice noted, was that the print media non longer concerns itself with being the watchdog or even the voice about New Jersey politics.  That has become a task falling to the volunteer bloggers.

Most bloggers try to be impartial and objective in the accounting, but it is true that certain prejudices may color the reports. My experience is that those biases are justified by the events. It is up to the reader to form his/her own opinion from reading various accounts; and to react accordingly.

The comments to a blog are important, however there are those who use that privilege anonymously to be propagandists. Although I will post almost all I receive there are some to be rejected because of language or unacceptable personal attacks.

I will consider any long document at the writers request for posting as a guest blog. That is my choice not a right of the writer. Of course it can not be anonymous and I must have a phone number to confirm the writers identity.  


  1. It appears some forward motion was achieved by having the meeting which makes it more acceptable. We all know there is give and take in politics even though we may not always know what the price of cooperation is. However, Gloria Taylor doesn't seem to have any logical justification to her obstruction tactics and she's sticking with it. Let's keep Plainfield moving forward despite the distaste of it.

    1. Give and take is fine and part of politics, but when the give is not only morally wrong such as the employment of individuals with a track record of fiscal abuse but represents a surrender to those whose agendas are in their own interests not the public the give is unacceptable.

    2. I am add the end does not justify the means.

  2. 100% .. I agree with you regarding Watson being "GIVEN" a job after being "GIVEN" so much cash to QUIT his job is reprehensible at the very minimum. If that's what it took to get a couple appointments to the PMUA, hey it's a start and only slightly as dirty as the last 2 administrations of Sharon and Jerry. But, the mere fact Gloria " I'm loyal to Jerry Green " Taylor didn't like it.. makes it all the more palatable to me and I'm no fan of the Democrats back room deals that are keeping Plainfield's d$ck in the dirt. Keep smiting her Mayor Mapp and maybe she'll learn to keep her mouth shut, listen a little and start acting like a representative of the people instead of Jerry Green.