Friday, February 13, 2015


3.00 PM, Friday Feb.13 on the city site the PCTV schedule is still for February 6 to February 12. . And that was not posted before at the earliest the 11th.

Who is responsible for “Division-Media PCTV Comast96/Verizon 34” listed in the City directory as a subsection of “Information Technology” which is a Division in Department “Administration and Finance”? Is there any one specific individual as the administrator of IT?  How about it Ron?

On the home page of the City internet site there is a section listed as “News Media”. When checked the only info under that spot is for 2014 events. ON a scrolling sidebar there is a notice for a Special Council Meeting on “May 5, 2014”. Oh yes there is an undated notice “Plainfield Rebuilds Art Festival for 2015”. That and a notice of the Council reorganization meeting in January are about the only 2015 references.

Mr. Mayor, I thought that when you took office last year one of your goals was an updated public friendly City Internet Site. You have a “Chief of Staff” and some excellent Department Directors yet no one is making sure that the people can be properly informed.

Oh by the way; on the event calendar for February, the only date listed (and on a blue block) is Feb 2 which notes Council Meeting canceled. Remarkably Friday February 13 is colored “puke yellow” without any comment.
For the superstitious Friday the 13th is supposed to be one of ill fortune. It was so for me for I suddenly remembered that City Taxes were due on the 1st and I had only a 10 day grace period. Of course I was charged interest, which I paid. However when I asked what the rate was and how it was calculated; I was told 18%. And after the due date and to the first of the next month.

Neither makes sense. According to the tax bill there are two different rates; 10% for the first $1500 and the usury rate of 18% (New Jersey law mentions legal loan rates off 6 to 16% with credit card exemptions) over that amount. On most accounts interest is based on a per annum base and then assessed only for the relative time the sum is owed. In other words for 13 days it should be 13/365 of the per annum rate. I still cannot figure out how mine was calculated, but I am not complaining because it seemed less than my inept calculations. However I would still like to understand how the amount was derived.

I do hope that I will be able to see the tape of last Monday's Council meeting so that I can make some fact based comments. I do understand that after approving the Motor Manager Ordinances at the Special meeting those that accepted it then one week later en block rejected it. This makes me  believe that at least some of the Councilors did not understand them or are just playing politics. 

My concern is to hear if there were comments why they were rejected. It is my belief that when a Councilor votes no on a resolution or ordinance there should be an explanation for  his/hers negative vote.


  1. Doc.. with that pathetic group of drooling fools on Team Jerry.. understanding it was never, and will never be the issue ( why understand what you are voting for when it only matters what you are told to do by you BOSS.. or in Gloria's case.. her Savior Lord Almighty ) ....... it's always politics.. they wouldn't take their last breath unless they thought they were screwing someone over in the process

  2. Olddoc, I have also noticed that as of last year, zoning board meetings on the city website have never mentioned a meeting time. The planning board meetings do & I was able to attend a few, because accurate times were reflected. Hopefully, everything will be updated soon to encourage as much civic involvement as possible from the community.