Monday, February 16, 2015


My keyboard seems to have been frozen the past few days. Or else it too has gone into hyperspace. The fact is that except for this run of freezing weather and storms compounded by a “five, day weekend”; Friday 13th, Saturday Valentine’s Day, Sunday ice/wind day, Monday Official George Washington ‘s Birthday (by act of Congress) aka Presidents Day, and Tuesday my youngest great grandson Jake’s 6th Birthday.

Jake, born on her  own birthday, was the last and best birthday present my wife had, and despite her Alzheimer’s disease she got to enjoy him.

But enough sentimentality; Bernice has posted enough about what the Council did or did not do at its last meeting(s). According to the schedule a tape of those two meetings will be shown every night (through Thursday) at 7pm. That is in addition to the three nights already shown.
Comments received have been rather strong depending if you are like one prolific Sharon supporter, or an individual interested in a better city which includes exposing and cleaning up corruption.

Rivers is not the first Council President that has ignored proper Parliamentary procedures. In fact there may be only three members of this Council that have any idea about what Robert’s Rules of Order are.

It is true that the Council President has tremendous powers including determining what goes on the agenda and maintaining an orderly meeting. Such power  should not be abused.

Rivers’ problem is that she is too arbitrary in her rulings, permit long and often out of line comments from speakers both on the Council and of the public while stifling those who try to present an opinion that is opposite local party policies.

Plainfield elects its Council and if the quality or the deportment of its membership is substandard, then it is time for each voter to take a “selfie”.

As you are aware I have been commenting on the ACA and warning that deadline to sign up with an exchange based insurance carrier was this past Sunday.

I have a story to relate. An older woman I know picked a specific company on Saturday, after being unable to complete a transaction on line she called the telephone site. The person who she talked with gave her a choice of several different plans after settling on a “silver plans as the best for her, and explaining the monthly premium, her dollar responsibilities (co-pay and that not covered by the carrier as well as the pout of pocket limits for each policy.

She was told that if she had any further questions she could call the carrier on Sunday.

On Sunday because  she  still has some questions  she first tried to get answers  at the company site but could not find any plan that matched the deductibles and the out of pocket numbers she was given.
Sunday, when she tried to call the company’s customer service for clarification she was informed that it was closed on Sunday. I will have to find out if they were also closed on this Monday.

In addition although she informed the “consultant” of her income, she was erroneously informed that that she would get tax a subsidy. I am not sure but it is possible that this error was used to calculate her monthly premium payment.  

I had intended to write a blog about the Near East and the violence there and in Africa but obviously became sidetracked.  Because of our weather there has been little in the media on these subjects.

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