Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Not my words but those of Marc A. Thiessen February 16 in the Washington Post.
“Obama wants Congress to formally declare an end to President George W. Bush’s Iraq war by rescinding the 2002 authorization, while passing a new, more limited authorization to fight his new, more limited campaign against the Islamic State. 

But the idea that the current campaign against the Islamic State is a not continuation of the same war that Bush was fighting is a fantasy. The Islamic State is the same enemy that we fought (and defeated) during the 2007 surge in Iraq and is an offshoot of the same al-Qaeda network we have been fighting since the 9/11 attacks. Just because Obama withdrew U.S. combat forces from Iraq does not mean that war “ended.” Quite the opposite, his withdrawal created the vacuum that reignited the dying embers of the Islamic State — restarting a battle that the United States had already won. If we could fight the Islamic State in 2007 under current law, we can fight it in 2015 and beyond. There is no reason to pass a new AUMF for the same conflict, just to give credence to the myth that Obama ended the Iraq war”

I quote it  because we as a nation are not facing up to the real challenge; not a fight against  Islam but a multi-continental fight against a brand of terrorists  evil masquerading as a religious obligation. This particular murderous power grab being justified as a “religious mission” has not been equal since the mass slaughter and seizure of the wealth of the Rhineland Jew by the First Crusade.
It is not only in Syria and Iraq, but also in Yemen, as well as African Libya and in Nigeria by the Boko Haram. The Libyan mass beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic workers who had sought employment in Libya has been retaliated by Egyptian air strikes and on Tuesday the Terrorist have seized 35 more Egyptian workers in retribution.

We and the rest of the so called civilized world must understand that these so called Islamic Fundamentalist are seeking to dominate all the world including all the Asiatic Muslim states. It will take a determined and united front to rid the world of this evil.

No war can be won and no eradication can be accomplished just by air strikes alone. Bodies doing the grunt work are the only answer, and we and the rest of the world should be willing to do so. Until we do that then all of us can live in fear of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack.

Here in our Country both Congress and the President are playing politics and not facing the real issues. Various Editorials point out that Obama’s request for a limited war is faulty; he is asking for limited powers to do what he already has; the right approved by Congress. However he is making promises that cannot be fulfilled; not to commit ground forces in the war, to withdraw in 3 years which will emasculate the next President while at the same time he has inserted a provision for elsewhere in the world without Congress’s pre-approval.

As a member of the justifiably so called “Greatest Generation” I can remember what happened before when we ignored our basic world humanistic interests and ended up by ourselves being attacked by one of the Power adventurers. We will see it again in another 9/11.

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