Wednesday, January 28, 2015


On the day after the 2015 “Blizzard of the Ages” I have time for some reflections about Oz politics and the weather predictions. Believe it or not there is a common denominator with the two; relating to predictions and results.

I never thought that I would find Councilwoman Taylor making a statement that I would agree with. However according to Plaintalker II; “Councilwoman Gloria Taylor, taking part by telephone, objected strongly both to Mapp's offering names at a special meeting and to holding the meeting itself on a stormy night.

"This is a fraud and not an acceptable way to do this," she said, calling it a "sneak attack."
"We have no knowledge of who these people are and should not be doing this." 

Apparently she had been left out of the loop, since experience suggests that the Resolutions and Ordinances up for vote are influenced by the City Chairman’s position. The occasional non-player vote happens only when there will be a conformity majority.  

The fallout from that meeting is yet to come. But there is one dominant fact; Self-serving politics dominates all phases of Oz’s government.

Just as predictable as politics is the fact that weather prognostication is not an exact science.  Equally true is that the visual media embraces predications about impending storms or extreme temperatures. Those happenings can be magnified into 24/7 constant report productions.

I find nothing wrong, in fact it is a public service to make people aware of impending danger. Fortunately the public reacted as it should by taking preventive action.

Our leadership did right; if they had not gone to the extremes that they did and we did have here the storm that hit eastern Long Island and New England it would have been a disaster. Leadership in that case would justifiably be held culpable.

Perhaps the villain was the weather watchers relying on one of two or more computer models, the “European Model” which in recent years has proven to be the most accurate one. There was some reference that the other “model” resulted in a lesser storm in our area, but government’s
reliance on the worse circumstances was correct.

Not until the actual storm formed was the exact location; 90 miles to the east determinable.  The American module suggested that but it had been wrong before. However, if there were more emphasis on that possibility too many would have been unprepared for life threatening conditions.  

Well let’s get back to the important normal state of life and try to prognosticate what will be the results in the Super Bowl when all the footballs are not affected by atmospheric conditions.      

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  1. Doc, there was plenty of wind blowing that night without Gloria Taylor being there... while I may not be 100% down with a lot that Mapp does, has done and probably will do.. I'd never demean myself by aligning myself with "poor Gloria" feeling like a fast ones been pulled on her. She deserves it if there was a fast one pulled on her. You reap what you sow...and she's got a field full of "fast ones" ready to be harvested as she is perfectly OK with Jerry's way or the highway...
    Poor Poor Gloria... act like an adult and represent the people and not yourself and Jerry Green.
    Amateur at best.