Monday, January 5, 2015


2015 has been officially entered into the records with the first and probably most congenial Council Meeting of the year.

Prior to the business of the evening newly elected  Councilwoman Diane Tolliver and reelected Councilwoman Rebecca Williams were sworn in for a full 4 year term, and Councilwoman Gloria  Taylor for the remaining two years  of the unexpired term of the now Mayor Mapp.

Congratulations to Bridget Rivers who was elected for a third year as President of the Council, and to Councilor Tracey Brown who succeeds Bill Reid as Chairman of the Committee as a Whole.

One of President Rivers’ first order of business was appropriately asking for a minute of silence in memory of Rasheed Abdul-Haqq.

Mayor Mapp delivered his annual State of the City report. Among the highlights was commentary on the straightening out of the financial irregularities from the previous administration in which some 653000 of “lost funds” were found.

Other highlights include a significant reduction in crime of all types. This was in part due to again instituting the role of the “beat cop”. There was a 4.5% reduction in the unemployment rate   in the city. New development activity had begun, and the Veteran’s Space was acquired from the developer. 

More will follow late Tuesday.

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  1. Wow, more done in one year than the previous administration could accomplish in four years or perhaps that's eight. Let's hope the council will work towards moving Plainfield forward and not just follow one person's desires or the hope to grease one's own palm.