Saturday, January 10, 2015


“BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE” This classical song written in 1944 by Frank Loesser and originally sung as a duet with his wife has the appropriate title to any blog today. Incidentally the song was used in a 1949 movie “Neptune’s Daughter” won Loesser an Oscar. Performed by the right two artists it is and has been a great duet.

Late Friday City Clerk AJ posted the agenda for Monday night’s Agenda Fixing Session. The backup material may be available later since today (Saturday) is supposed to be very cold and going to the Library may be a chore.

The agenda is loaded with Mayor Mapp’s recommendation for appointment’s to various Boards, Authorities, etc.  A familiar name “Thomas Crownover “is recommended to be appointed as the City’s representative to The Plainfield Area Sewer Authority”.

The Council’s reaction to all the recommendations should be an indication of any change in the Council’s relationship with the Mayor. Perhaps the correct relationship would be between Jerry Green and the Mayor.

There is a resolution authorizing a request to the State Local Finance Board for approval of an Ordinance to appropriate up to $14,500,000.00 and issue refunding bonds for the principle... The bonds are to be used for “refinancing”; refunding the outstanding balances of General Improvement Bonds of the City. The appropriate Ordinance is on the docket.

There is a proposed Ordinance to create the position of “Manager of Motors” in order to centralize and manage the City’s fleet operations.  

A third proposed Ordinance to alter schedule of salaries and wages will be a mystery until the backup material can be examined.

The latest weather reports for Monday are iffy and attendance at the meeting will depend on the conditions and personal safety.

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