Sunday, January 18, 2015


The Council holds its business meeting Tuesday night at 8 pm. Incidentally, that must be correct of lesser importance on the  traditional third Tuesday in January President Obama delivers his “State of the Union” address.

We the suffering public are one again faced with a difficult choice. Which is more important? 
For the local Democrat party history indicates that the Council must defer its meeting date so that the City Democrat Party Committee can hold its biannual reorganization meeting on that Monday. Obviously Jerry’s Committee meeting is top priority.

Since Jerry Green only jumped on the Obama bandwagon as a good party Democrat after Obama received the nomination perhaps JG and the local Democrat leadership have such little regard for this country’s first African-American President that a Council Session is more important than what Our President has to tell the nation.

I cannot believe that to be true so the only explanation I can find is ignorance. I am not sure that also may extend to the agenda itself. How many of our Councilors can swear without perjuring themselves that they have read and understood all 81 pages of material in their packet for the meeting?

With the rapidity in which they ran thru the Agenda fixing session last week, that may be a question. Not one Councilor gave a reason why they could not approve consideration of a centralized vehicle organization with a Motor Manager. The one concern seemed to be if it was to be a patronage position and the person was selected.

There are at least three Resolutions on the agenda that should have raised questions.

R036-15 Authorizing the acceptance of bids to purchase certain properties owned by the city. How and when were the bids advertised? 
How many responses to each bid? Were the minimum bid requirements which seemed to be with one exception close to the accepted bid consistent with assessed land values of adjacent properties? Are the Councilors acquainted with the properties they are selling?

R037-15 an agreement with TFG Card Solution to provide payroll debit card service for those who do not accept (I presume) direct deposit. This is of course a money saver for the city, which will not cost the city any money. Since TFG is not doing this out of kindness, where in the agreement is the maximum charge that they can receive for each debit card? Who pays it; the bank or the recipient? Again, were bids sought for this service and how many with amounts received?

R038-15 which amends R442-14  directing the Planning Board to study  redevelopment plans for the Muhlenberg campus  by now separating the  “plots” occupied by (1) the Nursing school, (2) that occupied  by the Kenyon House from the area  for redevelopment there is an glaring error in the “Whereas” description reason why the Kenyon House plot  should be exempt: ‘Block 13,Lot 38.02 Kenyon House Dialysis Center/ Satellite Emergency Department-are viable structures/operations that house a nursing school and a satellite emergency department respectively ---“.

As of Jan. 18 to the best of my knowledge the Satellite ER was still located in the hospital building.  Is he moving to the Kenyon house a done deal? Even if so the Council is once again being asked to  approve and erroneous document.

Why is the parking lot across the street being removed?
I hope the Council will ask and get answers before they vote.

I am torn as to my priorities. I have never missed a President‘s State of the Union speech which especially this year I believe is important; but I as a local citizen am interested in what the Council does.   There is time to change.

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