Friday, January 16, 2015


Part 3 of my essay on Prejudice and Religion will appear either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Likewise my comments on Tuesday night’s agenda. I got way behind schedule Friday, but this 3 day holiday weekend gives me leeway to post something about "Selma" the movie and the civil rights movement.
Isn’t it an interesting coincident that Thursday the Planning Board approved a third Mosque in Plainfield. I think we all should have a better knowledge of Islam, including the dogma, beliefs and objectives of its various representative Mosques  especially with soon to be a third  house of worship here in Plainfield. Certainly just like the four different branches   of Judaism or the many different Christian Church denominations there must be major belief differences.


  1. Are you talking about the 5 families that want to purchase a place to pray on South Avenue? They didn't say what religious affiliation they were, but they didn't need pews or chairs, just the floor and they were asking for tax exempt status. I find this troubling in a time when revitalizing the town should be a major priority. If five families want to pray, they should just pray in their homes (they can move the furniture out of the way). Isn't god everywhere? for those who believe? Why the need for the structure for 10 people (with the possibility of growing to 52?). I say, let's make Plainfield a vital town before we start tax exempts everywhere and anytime it is requested. And I still do not think enough questions were asked about this endeavor. Sorry if anyone is offended, but it is my town as well and I would like to see it grow. This does not affect that change.

  2. We need retail on south ave not a tax exempt place for a family to pray!