Monday, January 26, 2015


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it (not) snow! Unless rescheduled early today the Mayor’s Special Council meeting will be moot.

Even without the threat of heavy snow I would expect that 4 or 5 members of the Council would be unavailable at the inconvenient 6 pm meeting time.  

The time and lack of information raises the suspicion that Administration is just playing political games. Unless there has been a smokeless filled room deal the greenies will not approve any PMUA appointments, nor the position of Motor Manager. If Watson is to continue to be the anointed Public Works Director; Mapp’s credibility will suffer.

Watson may be the best available for the job and also a qualified Plainfielder, but to ignore the PMUA scandal and the Dunn/Sander/ Tolliver gift is unconscionable.

Is the “Forensic Audit” a dead duck? An authorizing resolution must be reintroduced and any abstentions or no votes should be rationalized by the Councilor. In fact, any vote that is not in favor of a resolution should be verbally justified at the time of the vote? The public should demand it or petition the state to do one. The NFL has its ‘Deflategate”; Plainfield can have its own “Fiscalgate”. We too could blame it on the weather.


  1. This meeting is not worth the time of day. I've been mulling over going or not, but I've come to the conclusion that unless you come to a meeting with dozens of supporters willing to demagogue an issue, the Council, at best, hears but doesn't listen, and thinks it knows it all anyway. The nomination of Eric Watson is enough reason never to give Mayor Mapp a pass on any appointments, so because I have no idea who he's putting up for PMUA I can't say one way or another that they will be good commissioners. That is, whether they will put the entire city first, or stay mute and effectively let the authority run rampant with high rates, illegal compensation, and fraud. These are reasons enough to steer clear of the Watson appointment in any case. Councilors Toliver and Brown likely won't be compelled to recuse themselves either from discussion or voting on PMUA issues, though their conflicts of interest regarding their own substantial benefit from the illegal payouts calls into question any independence of thought. Brown should also leave the Watson nomination alone. Her close working relationship with the former PMUA Executive Director, while a PMUA Commissioner, coupled with her illegal perks, leave more than a few questions about the propriety of voting on his permanent appointment. I don't know much about the Motor Manager position, or whether there's ever been a cost/benefit analysis conducted that would rationalize it. And as for Comcast, in my mind there's no support for them until they clean up the loose cables on my block that are still dangling or wrapped around trees and poles more than two years after Hurricane Sandy. They are a particularly customer-friendly outfit. All in all, it doesn't seem worth the effort to attend regardless of the time or the weather.

  2. In light of the robo-call storm warnings throughout the day telling us to stay home and off the streets, if the meeting is not cancelled it is a clear signal the Mayor wants no public participation or scrutiny at this meeting.

    Tom Kaercher

    1. Perhaps the Mayor considers the robot-call and the "Nicle" internet message contents would imply that the meeting was cancelled.

  3. Alan Shut up ,Tom you are absolutely right.