Saturday, January 3, 2015


Another day without writing a blog. That will change by Monday and we will try to post daily. Meanwhile take bets on who will be elected Council President for 2015. Bridget Rivers has done a credible although at times prejudicial  job the last two years. The two other best potential candidates have no chance because they are not Jerry's people.


  1. Replies
    1. Old Doc, Vera was duly and legally elected by her constitutes. Why is it that when you ask who we think should be president. You think our choice is a joke if you disagree so be it . But don't be disrespectful!

    2. Obviously you do not attend Council meetings or are a JG flunky.I am not being disrespectful of Vera but she has seemed too often not to be prepared or even knowing what was the subjet under discussion. Too often she seemed to ask the Councilor to her right what was what. If any one deserves disrespect it is those in the 4th and 1st wards who vote like lemings for JG's selection, not for any better candidates.

    3. To 2:26pm - I absolutely agree with Doc. Come to the council meeting. You missed the meeting where the resolution stated that the council voted unanimously FOR a particular resolution, and Vera being the first vote voted AGAINST it.

      So to echo Doc, who is being disrespectful?

    4. To 10:29AM - you forgot to mention that Vera changed her vote to Yes when Annie pointed out the verbiage on the agenda. Again, now who is disrespectful?

  2. I thought that many times Ms. Rivers was unprofessional and seemingly lost. I was teaching evening classes and could not attend for several months, so maybe she improved. The president of the Council should be respectful of the Mayor, other Council members and the public. Too often Ms. Rivers was none of these. It's a good thing Jerry got her a job, because if she exhibited those traits on an interview she would be unemployable. Good riddence to her.