Thursday, January 22, 2015


The Mayor has called for a Special Council meeting at, of all inconsiderate times, 6 pm on Monday the  26.
Since the 5 items are:
1- Advise and Consent for appointments to the PMUA
2-Advise and Consent to appoint a Director for Public Works
3- An Ordinance setting a salary range for a Motor's Manager
4- An Ordinance creating the position of Motor's Manager
5-An Ordinance for a contract with COMCAST

There is little chance that 1,3,and 4 will be approved by this hostile Council.
Depending on who the nominee is, there may be public outrage at #2.
The terms of #5 are unknown but may be approved.


  1. Happy Birthday Doc, enjoy your day!

    Robin Bright

    1. Thanks Robin, Dan is premature by one month and I do plan to enjnoy that day as I do every day when I wake up and do not reaad my name in the Obits.