Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rasheed Abdul-Haqq

With sadness I have learned of Rasheed Abdul-Haqq’s passing.

Plainfield has lost a true citizen and civic servant; interested in its youth and also the general betterment of the city. 

He was the perfect example that youthful indiscretions can be absolved by a lifetime devoted to preventing others from duplicating his mistakes. He was a constant advocate for available after school and evening facilities for the youth

Rasheed was instrumental in forcing the repainting and refurbishing of the railroad bridges in Plainfield.

He was elected to and served diligently on the Board of Education until forced to resign due to legislation sponsored be a local leader that did not take into account that people deserved a second chance; something Rasheed proved was possible.


  1. Name the local leader ?

    1. I do not reply to anonymous. Give your name .