Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Once again the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s of youth baseball dominated the first half of the Council meeting. The heritage from the previous administrations Recreation Division desire to sponsor its own “Negro Baseball League” and eliminate the established “Queen City “league occupied almost 50 % of the meeting time.

Once again it was "who did or didn’t do that"; "where is the money", which one the City should support if either.  The two groups were instructed to meet again with the Directors of Public Works and of thee Recreation Division to work out usage of the City’s facilities.

Mapp has made it clear that the City will not sponsored either group but will provide and maintain the facilities.

Once the Council got down to business it zipped through the agenda in lightning speed.

The first aberration occurred when the Administration “withdrew” the nomination of Thomas Crownover for is representative on PARSA.
The next bomb fell when the Council failed to move to the Agenda the creation of a Manager of Motors position. Although this seemed to me to be a forward going action, only Williams voted for it. Greaves after asking why it had not been done before, voted no, and the other 4 abstained; in effect a no vote.

The final important action was the complaints registered by a number of citizens including a property owner/ merchant about the conditions on Park Ave near the 7th.St. Axis. Once again it was one of dirt, drunks, panhandlers, public urination and emptying bowels in the back of buildings.  The lack of police presence was mentioned.

The situation there is one that gives the city a black name and discourages out of towers from coming to Plainfield.

At  least the meeting was over early enough to get home a watch the 'Buckeyes" demolish the Oregon Ducks. Congratulations OSU. How did VPI ever beat thgem?


  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one complaining about Park Ave between 5th and 8th street. Yes the madness has spilled over to 8th street where the drunks, panhandles and vagrants has taken over the steps of the Public Library. Again Park Ave is one of our main thoroughfares that connect three counties, Somerset, Union and Middlesex. Only in the Union county part of this thoroughfare does the chaos exist. I am sorry to say, since they opened that pizza spot, it’s gotten worse. What needs to happen to get this section cleaned up and looking presentable?

    Robin B.

  2. Regarding Mr. Crownover's prospective nomination to PARSA is difficult to conclude whether it is preferable for ones reputation to be withdrawn from nomination as contrasted to being rejected after being nominated. Either way, Mr. Crownover's excellent qualifications apparently remain an insurmountable obstacle to his acceptance by the Plainfield City Council for any appointed position. Bill Kruse

  3. The position for the sewage does not belong to Mapp it belong to Dan Williamson that is why the Resolution was pulled.

    1. No, the choice is the mayor's (with the advice and consent of the Council), though the choice is limited to the Executive Director or a member of the Authority (a commissioner). See Section VIII here-


  4. Whosoever choice it is the administration pulled it not the council.

    1. This council wouldn't have approved this appointment anyway.

  5. Baseball...oh boy..if QCBL doesn't work for some people, then why don't those people start their own baseball club? I read that PAL was only provided with fields. Why are they looking for money? Time to get on your grind!