Monday, October 1, 2012


Some additional remarks on Monday’s agenda.

Once again a resolution to outsource collection unpaid court fines and fees is on the agenda. Once again the outcome of the vote whether to place it on the business agenda for not be an indication of the commitment of the various counselors the welfare of the city versus nonsense objections.

From Public Affairs and Safety there are three items one authorizes approval for the usage of 2012 special law enforcement equipment. Except it seems that this is in essence a change from a previous resolution approving purchase of a Ford Fusions to a Ford Taurus. Apparently the Ford Fusion is not available.

The second item is also a change from the previous resolution with the reduction of the purchase of new of six new police vehicles to five because again of the unavailability of the required vehicles.

The third item is for a public auction of abandoned and unclaimed vehicles.

From economic development there are two items; one for $89,978.10 as  allocation of UEZ funds to complete salaries adopted in the 2012 calendar year budget for the office of economic development. The other is for approval of the introduction SID’s 2013 operating budget.($240,019.11)

There are two ordinances for the first reading; one is required by the Union County Prosecutor’s office on the placement of bins to receive the charitable clothing. The other and very important is an ordinance to amend various zoning designations for land use in the city to create a Transit Oriented Development Downtown Zone.(TODD). This is a massive document and very comprehensive and is about five years too late. Both Ordinances should be adopted at first reading

There is a communication from Transitions International requesting permission for a sidewalk and street encroachment to conduct the first annual "Veterans’ Awareness Day" (shades of  the 4th of July event) on October 14 in the “Plainfield Square”. The location should have been described as Plainwood Square. The principal for Transitions International is the Lewis Demeter proprietor of SWEET LEWS Bakery.

Once again timing of such a request is controversial since the Council meeting will be on the ninth only five days before the event is scheduled I believe the Council should have more information on an organization known as transitions international before granting any such request. 

As a veteran I consider that there are too many groups attempting to run fund-raising affairs in the name of the veterans.

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