Wednesday, October 3, 2012

JUST RAMBLINGS (a supplemental posting)

Time for change of pace. This is a momentous day not only at 9 PM tonight ruler being the first debate between the two presidential candidates, but the latest day of the regular baseball season . For died in the wool Yankee fans they will have a terrible conflict especially if they have a desire to know more about the two men running for office and not have already inflexibly decided who they were going to vote for.

I for one think of the new playoff formula is a travesty he gave the entire long season of baseball. For example if the Yankees lose tonight, they will still have one 94 game most in the American League for the course exception of the Orioles if they tie by winning their last game. There would be a one-game playoff to decide division champion and who would go into the new model playoff. If the Yankees should lose one game championship playoff with the Orioles and the one-game the other playoff team result would be that one of the teams with the best record the in the playoffs. Unconscionable.

I hope I will not be interrupted by Telly-marketer's calls during the Presidential debate; which I eagerly await. Although I voted for Obama the last time around I have been disappointed in the lack of progress in the job recovery from the depths of the recession.

I have a personal interest in this since my grandson in law A blue-collar worker who lives in Ohio and works for a large company supplies parts of the automobile industry after being laid off for almost 2 years called back to work in the local four months ago and then was 40 others just laid off for possible another three months. This is a disaster for a family with two young children. Although my granddaughter who works for the state has a moderate income even with his unemployment insurance they can barely make ends meet. He has now nearly reached the end of his unemployment benefits.

I mentioned that the reliability of statistics of people receiving unemployment insurance payment is not an indication of those who are not working. It does not take into account those that have exhausted their benefits.

My second disappointment has been this in this administration's conduction of foreign policy. It is ridiculous to think that there can be a negotiate peace in Afghanistan with the Taliban. These fanatical fundamentalist know only one dogma; their narrow interpretation of the Koran. People who would destroy world heritage giant Buddhas of Banyan and still to death women who would seek protection from abuse spouses certainly are not going to accept any concept of democracy.

Likewise to believe that you can negotiate with religious fanatics that rule ran and are dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel is incomprehensible. At the same time I the government while professing support for Israel has publicly snubbed snubbed its leaders.

I also have serious concerns about the economics and practicalities of the Health Care Reform Act but that will be a subject of another post.

Please understand, that have yet to be convinced in the field of domestic economics that Romney offers anything better. In foreign policy I agree that we must be more aggressive in maintaining our alliances and the Middle East. I would think that any action prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon would be justified; whatever the cost is it would be less than the destruction Iran is willing to do if they believe they can get away with it.

The crux of the matter is that four weeks before the election I have no idea who I should vote for, and I hope that all of you keep an open mind.

(this entire document dictated in Dragon 12!!!-there is hope)

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