Thursday, October 11, 2012


I believe that I have covered the essentials of Tuesday night’s Council meeting in my two blogs yesterday. Since I have not attempted to watch the video the Council meetings on the city site I did not realize that none were being televised, if true, until I read a comment on Bernice’s blog. Can someone confirm that comment? 

It was announced at the meeting that the November Agenda Setting Session had be rescheduled  to Thursday Nov.8.

The resolution certify review of the 2012 Best Practice Inventory will only be meaningful if the Council membership takes a proactive role in forcing administration to fill the critical vacancies that have resulted in Plainfield losing a portion of its state aid. 

I have reviewed the administrative structure of the three departments and have found critical vacancies in key division positions.

Audit and Control has no CFO which has been the earmark of this administration's two terms. Likewise, the purchasing division has no accredited head. There is no divisions head for Health and Social Services. However, all the sections under that division with the exception of the outsourced Animal Control are filled. That includes Department Director, Al Restaino, acting as administrator for Plainfield Action Services.

The other complex to Department; Public Works and Urban Development under the able direction of Eric Jackson with the exception of the vacancy caused by the recent resignation of David Wynn in Recreation seems to have a full complement of section and division heads. Uniquely Department Director,multitasking Al Restaino, of Administration and Finances also serves as Division Director of Community Development.

The third department; Public Affairs and Safety composed of the Police and Fire departments and Emergency Management is noteworthy fir the absence of the police chief’s position which was eliminated several years ago.

The continued absence of qualified individuals in key positions that deal with financial administration may represent an administrative policy to bypass restricted fiscal control. We have to be convinced that either there isa scarcity of such individuals; or the atmosphere Plainfield is not conducive to individuals wishing to fill those posts.

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  1. It's the "I'm the f***ing mayor that keep people away. This mayor has a reputation even outside of our state for abusing city employees and being incompetent. I have friends in Warren County, NJ who know she's a loser. Too bad for Plainfield when we need to get our house in order and want to attract new business and home buyers. Let's get rid of Sharon and leave Union County for Somerset and fix several problems at once.