Friday, October 12, 2012


Sat. AM: This blog has been edited and I hope all errors corrected.

There are further comments about the vice presidential debate that I would make.

When I reported that Martha Raddatz of ABC News, the moderator, had lost control of the debate as had Jim Lehrer in the first presidential debate; I was referring to the fact that she permitted VP Biden to repeatedly interrupt Ryan’s comments which has been reported to occur at least 12 times.

On the other hand Raddatz asked both debaters very pointed questions and even disputed I some of the comments that each made. For example; At one point, she argued directly with Mr. Biden over misgivings among some in the military about the timing of pulling troops from Afghanistan during the warmer months, when fighting is often heavier. When Mr. Biden disputed that the timing was political, Ms. Raddatz said: “Trust me. There are people who were concerned about pulling out on the fighting season.”

Ms. Raddatz, also corrected Biden on his assertion that the Obama administration did not know that US diplomats in Libya had requested more security before last month’s attack. “They wanted more security there," Raddatz interjected. That point had also come out in this week’s congressional hearing on the Benghazi attack.

She requested that Ryan be more specific in what loopholes that the Romney government would close. He never gave any specific answe. Biden suggested that if he eliminated capital gains [sale of stock] and dividends that the rich apology I believe he said they were thousands earned over $8 million and perhaps that would make up some of the income the government needs.

I find fault with this concept that there are thousands who earn more than $8 million; since that amount is limited to the unconscionable reimbursement chief executive officer of various corporations and banks receive. The standard definition of “rich” is over $250,000 year. Below that number and above the poverty level is considered middle-class.

VP Biden and the Democrats who profess to be the protectors of the middle class forget that many in that group are investors as part of their savings. Some like I use the dividends we receive and necessarily sale of stock to maintain life. On retirement these are our only source of income. Social Security could never be sufficient.

I think Ryan admirably held himself in restraint to Biden’s hectoring. If the Democrats are going to use tactics of repeated distortion of the Republican position or comments in the long run that will backfire. As an example “Biden exaggerated when he said House Republicans cut funding for embassy security by $300 million,” the Annenberg School of Public Policy of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia said. “The amount approved for fiscal year 2012 was $264 million less than requested, and covers construction and maintenance, not just security

On the other hand Ryan also made misstatements; “You have 219 new regulations coming out, costing over $100 million each.”There are serious problems with this, frequently repeated
claim by Republicans. Many of the regulations had no due date for completion; others had already been completed. The rules are listed as being economically significant if they have “economic impact” of $100 million, which could mean costs, benefits or both. It is alleged potential regulations have only costs.

When candidates of either party start quoting numbers be suspicious; they tend to distort to their advantage because they know that the listener has litlle recourse to determine the veracity of the claim. If a politician says "believe me" or "trust me"; don’t.

After the debate the Democrats are going to attack alleged statements by the Republicans by using half-truths at best. The Republicans have two battlegrounds; the economy and foreign policy;they will persistently attack both.

Once again the winner of this debate depends on what is you’re party affiliation. However to change the potential election outcome; it is a vast number of undecided voters that both parties target. After the first debate Republicans seem to have been most successful in this matter; this debate will not materially impinge upon any of undecided. Next Tuesday Romney and Obama go at it again. That should be a must viewing.


  1. Good for Joe. He needed to interrupt as Ryan was taking much more than his 2 minutes. Obama let Romney do that and I think he was standing up for himself and applaud him for that. Let's be real here. This was a debate not an afternoon tea.

  2. If we are now going to make an issue when a politician says $300 million instead of the actual $264 million (note they can't have notes up there with them) then we might as well pack it in and close the doors on this place. His point was the GOP cut funding by a substantial figure and his # was off by less than 15%. Let's stop with the BS armchair quarter backing and stick to the general principles and concepts. So much trivial discourse - it's a real problem for us all.

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