Monday, October 8, 2012


With an appropriate apology to Marcellus (Hamlet- Act 1): “Something is rotten in the City of Oz”.

I consider R387–12 authorizing payments to Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs’ attorneys in the matter the WBLS inappropriate obtained $20,000 and in addition for her suit against the Council to be improper, amoral, and without any legal public tenability.

I would refer you to comments by Councilwoman Williams, citizens Alan Goldstein and Dottie Gutenkauf to my previous blog [link] for information and opinion about that matter.

I do recall discussion initiated by Corporation counsel Williamson that the Mayor is going to retain counsel for the hearing to represent her at the hearings on the WBLS funding investigation. I do not remember any Council resolution authorizing reimbursement for her legal expenses.

I concur with counselor Williams’ comments that in response to citizen’s questions; the Council had affirmed that we were not responsible for the mayor’s legal expenses. Corporation Counsel Williamson never acknowledged any agreement that would accept responsibility for her costs.

The comments of members of this Council have gone beyond the political posturing which is the earmark of much Council discussion. I did question whether any secret agreement had been reached in a matter that I consider to be blackmail. Although I have been assured that there was no such agreement; I consider the condoning of this resolution as an action to limit costs to be payment of a form of blackmail.

Where has there been a precedent in which an investigative body has paid for the witness of interest’s legal representative? Where has there ever been an incident in which the defendant suit has authorized payment for the plaintiff’s lawyers unless ordered to do so by the court.

The past few years there have been on occasion’s implications that there were improper uses of funds which have never been followed up. Citizens have requested a forensic audit motivated by repeating evidence of improper procedures as reported in their annual report. It is past for action

Does this Council dare request from either state authorities or the federal government a complete investigation of all fiscal transactions by this administration for at least the last two years if not doing this entire term in office? This would include alleged solicitation of illegal funds during the recent July 4 celebration.

Do I sound angry? You bet that I am. This Council is sworn to act in the interest of the citizens of this city. It deliberately negates its fiduciary responsibility by turning the cheek to misdeeds originating in City Hall. Once again public money is being used to pay for some one's personal folly. And, one of those who manipulated it has been rewarded with a well paying job. What will the others get?

A Scarlet Letter was a Puritan punishment to be worn by an adulteress. It is a condemnation of a moral transgression. In this case it is not sexual.


  1. Doc,

    The council could pay, as if they say, the payment is to contain the cost of this matter and end this nonsense but it will their obligation to submit this matter, with all pertaining correspondence and any other findings, to the agencies that investigate political corruption and deception. Paying and doing nothing will let us see what our leaders are made off. Just my humble opinion.

  2. Maria... respectfully... we've already had plenty of time to see what their made of... each and everyone of them.
    Rebecca is the only one who has stood true to her stated goals regarding the well being of the city...
    The rest.. waffling for personal gain or steadfast ignorance to what is right.


  3. I agree with much of your assessment, Doc. I think the state should investigate the practices of this administration, which refuses to cooperate with the council. Again, the city is "functioning" with NO CFO, NO purchasing agent, NO corporation counsel, NO health officer, NO deputy clerk, along with a number of other vacancies. When the governing body asks questions at council meetings, we invariably get "deer in headlights" looks and no answers from the administration. Yet the mayor goes on to champion ill-conceived events such as the "Epic Fail: Carnival in the 4th Ward", the patronizing "Veterans Recognition" event, for which she wants to block off a main thoroughfare, and then host ridiculous fundraising events for her "re-election" campaign. She is an embarrassment to this city and really should resign. When is she going to pay her debt to the citizens of this city? When is she going to govern? When is she going to lead? I guess she will do it on the 12th.*


    *"The Twelfth of Never"