Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This was scheduled to be posted at 6:50 AM; what happened???

Although I am not a committed television watcher this weekend has been a difficult one to find time come to write my blog and in and do this all the while on the TV there’s been a plethora of college and professional football games as well as the playoff finals for the both the American and National League championships. The complicated matters I accidentally turned on dancing with the stars Monday night which left me completely exhausted.

I am sure most of you are eagerly awaiting the Presidential Town Hall meeting tonight. The format will not be as formal as in the other debates; and the questions will be from the audience not the moderator it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that all the audience participants will have been preselected. What is of importance, and I’m sure this has been hashed out by the two candidates; is if there an equal selection of committed Democrats, dedicated Republican, and honest Independents?

I think this debate more than the first or the last ones will have an important impact on the swaying of the Independent voters especially in the five key states which all the pundits agree are paramount to the results of this election.Certainly the nature of the questions and to whom they are addressed will gice us a clear indication of the political make up of the audience,

I am looking forward to tonight’s hour and a half and follow-up comments from the TV experts. I will also be reading Wednesday morning Wall Street Journal and New York Times headlines  on the Internet to see how these opposite poles  respected papers react  regarding the outcome of the debate.

Important questions that require clear answers will be related to the economy, the healthcare laws, foreign affairs and I am sure about the Administration’s reaction story of the Consulate in Benghazi. Benghazi has the greatest potentiality of impacting on the election.

If there is any purchasing local news that is occurred overnight I intend to report on that later today.

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