Friday, October 12, 2012


Who won the debated? According to a post debate CNN poll 48% thought that Ryan had and 44% felt that Biden had. Since the margin of error was 5% that equates to a tie. That is probably right. There probably was no loser, and the one positive from this debate was that either man would be acceptable “one heartbeat away from the White House”.

This, I hope impartial, observer felt that Biden’s teeth were a clear winner.  I felt that this moderator did no better controlling the participants than the moderator in the Presidential Debate. Let us hope next Tuesday when it counts; the Town Hall formula will result in a more orderly procedure.

At this late hour I do not intend to go into any details on the subject matter but it seems clear that Romney will be focusing on foreign policy and Obama on economic affairs in the coming three weeks.

On a subject dear to my heart; a brief commentary on the Health Care issue which will be a focal point.

I feel that with the large number of Baby Boomers entering the Medicare group that the present plan cannot remain financial safe. There is only two ways that the present funding levels can continue to exist.

The first one is to limit services, either by denying or delaying access. The math is clear; if you have only $10.00 you can only buy $10.00 worth of goods. Thus the patient may have to do without or wait till he can buy it. This solution will never be acceptable to the American public who have become accustom to unlimited access.

The second one will be acceptable to the buyer; make the seller (provider) accept less money. That will work until the provider can no longer afford to dispense his product. In Health Care that means   that providers which include Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physicians, Nurses, PTs etc. will have payment for their services reduced to a point where they can no longer function. Low Medicaid and managed care payments are why hospitals like Muhlenberg went out of business. Physicians have had the mandatory costs of running a practice increased at an unconscionable rate mainly through federal regulations. At the same time their Medicare reimbursements have only increase at a rate that was lower than the rise in the cost of living. There is on the books a law that if not postponed again will result in 15% decrease in reimbursement.   
The net result is that they will (a)refuse Medicare patients, or (b) try to see more patients per hour; less time per patient which will result in poorer quality medicine, or (c) a marked deficiency in available doctors due to fewer entering the field and more dropping out. 

There is a third route in keeping the present Medicare plan viable; and that is of course to raise applicable taxes. That will go over big with the Seniors.(9:30 AM)

Take your pick; this concern is valid.

I do not know if the Romney plan is better, but I do know what we have will not work. I wake up every morning and thank my blessings that I do not have to practice as I did for almost 50 years under today’s conditions.


  1. VP Bidden spoke with a lot of confidence and authority but he lied over and over. For example, members of the State Department testified under oath before Congress that they were monitoring the attack on the consulate in Libya real time so they knew right away that it was a terrorist attack. They testified that they repeatedly requested increased security. Bidden's blatant lies about the murder of the ambassador showed that he feels the voters are too stupid to be paying attention. In addition, Bidden's demeanor would have gotten him thrown out of a high school debate. It had no place in a vice presidential debate.

    On heath care, Obamacare can never work. It lowers payments to doctors. It promises to increase medical care to millions of people but due to its increased interference more and more doctors are deciding to retire or get out of medicine. Patients need more control over their health care. They would let cost enter into their decisions if they knew what the costs were and were effected by them. Currently the Democrats won't allow purchases of insurance across state lines. Costco sells health insurance but is not allowed to sell it in NJ. More alternatives would foster competition helping to lower costs.

  2. Hi Doc,

    I don't think we were watching the same debate. The moderator here did an excellent job and did not let the candidates run amok as the old fart did at the presidential debate. She kept them on point, asked pointed questions and kept them to their time limits for the most part. Kudos to here for her stong performance.

    It was close to a tie, but I think Biden got the edge for his ability to stop Ryan from running away from his record and not letting Ryan steal all the time.

    I usually dislike debates, but totally enjoyed this one. I was glad they let Joe be Joe. I just hope the president was taking notes.