Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This will be brief. I returned from OZ shortly after 11PM. Since I have a doctor's appointment in the morning a  more detailed blog will not be ready before late afternoon.

Immediately after opening the meeting 15 minutes late they chased every one out of the Courtroom and went into executive session to interview Ms Sherri Golden for the Deputy City Clerk post. Later in the meeting she was approved .

The Resolution approving a street and sidewalk encroachment planned by 'Transitions International" for Sunday did not pass receiving only 3 yes vote and 3 abstentions. Councilwoman Rivers had not arrived at that point. Rev. Wyatt spoke  for the Resolution noting that the sponsoring agency was the Transition International Cultural Society a known advocacy agency.

Other "positive action included  tabling of 387-12 approving paying the Mayor for her legal expenses in the WBLS investigation and her suit against the Council.  392-12 to get a private collector for unpaid  court fines/fees passed 5 for 1 no 1 absent.

Two resolutions renewing two insurance programs were amended to limit an extension for 120 days from 9/1/12 pending issuing RFQs.= in compliance with the city ordinance and to correct one of the deficiencies noted in the "Best Practices Inventory".

R407-12 was tabled 6-0 pending information on the tax status and if a lien had been placed on the property.

Much more later. 

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