Monday, October 8, 2012


Despite my focusing on R 387–12 there are at least 42 other resolutions plus two ordinances be voted on Tuesday night I have discussed most of them last week in my comments about the agenda setting session. However, there are a few including some that are new that merit additional consideration.

Newly introduced is a resolution authorizing the street and sidewalk encroachment to Transitions International to conduct its first annual veteran’s awards awareness day to be held at Plainfield Square (South Ave.) on October 14, 2012. That is this coming Sunday.

At the Council meeting I questioned the recognition of various veterans’ organizations other than VFW and the AL as being giving credence to splinter groups with unstated goals other than their own gain. We are often bombarded by such a group on the telephone. I Googled Transitions International and found the following two references: (1) Transition International (TI) is a Netherlands-based, international consultancy firm, (2)”TRANSITIONS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is the only group of its kind. Comprised of the finest Hair Loss Specialists”. Neither has anything to do with veteran’s affairs and I think it is inappropriate to grant this request from an unknown organization.

R391–12 is on the consent agenda inappropriately since it is now receiving a block grant community effect community action services in the amount of $164,211. It should be removed since it should not be a routine that

R 392–12 has been subjected to objections by Council members Reid and Greaves as being potentially abusive if a collection agency pursued those delinquent in paying fines to the court. Ignored is the fact that over three quarters of $1 million is owed to the city. There is no cost to the city as a result of enactment of this resolution.

R 393-12 calls for certification that the Council members have reviewed the 2012 Best Practices Inventory as prepared by the CFO. I previously discussed this last week; it is an inventory of fiscal practices that the state requires from communities. Plainfield had a sufficient number of non-compliances that resulted in a 1% reduction in state aid.
The Council should pass this resolution after reading it and try to make sure that the deficiencies are corrected.

R 407-12 has also been discussed; is an awarding of an increase sum of $6753 which represents 50% more of the original contract [?] To C.H.S. Construction Company for the “deconstruction” of property located at 326 L Leland Avenue. There is no record when this contract the original contract was issued and there is a conflict of interest involved to see principal construction company also holds a board position in the PMUA.

The two ordinances to be introduced at first reading in both be accepted; one deals with the placement of charitable clothing bins requested by the union County prosecutor. The other is extensive much room needed zone designation revisions for transit village designation downtown area.

For those of you who have interest or comments relating to the any of resolutions I urge you to attend the meeting.

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