Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Over the years I have discovered that whether it is a sports event, a movie, the news or especially a reality show the TV can be the best conduit for a short cat nap. True to form right at one  of the most contentious moments during the Presidential Debate the magic worked. Thank goodness for the DVR I have reviewed both the missed Libya confrontation and brouhaha that preceded it.

The late hour prevents my making any comments about the debate at this time. Since I have a doctor's appointment in the AM; it will not be until later in the after noon before I can post more comments.

There was a great deal of meat in this debate; some of which will take a little time to properly digest. I thought neither should be ashamed of his performance. An early poll report on CNN gave a moderate lead to Obama but the pool size was small.

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  1. I worked so I can't wait to see your review... and I no longer have a DVR because after having it for a year and only used it twice I admitted I was technologically deficient.