Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Shades of Watergate! The release of a secretly video made during a private function is once again an underhanded example of the dirty politics which is being waged during this campaign.

This time it is the Democrats who have resorted to an unethical route to discredit the opposing candidate. The publishing and release of the video by the leftists mother Jones magazine cannot be sanctioned anymore then the French magazine publishing new photos of British royalty. I

There were two subjects that Romney mentioned which the opposition refusing to make hay. One of course is the number of those who do not pay taxes. The other is the statement on the Palestinians.

Romney was attacked for obstructing American diplomacy in the Middle East by saying that “Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in reaching a peace agreement with Israel”.

Does anyone consider that this is not true? History is history. President Carter arranged a meeting at Camp David with the Palestinian leader Arafat and the Israeli president and concluded that there was a basis for peace despite antagonism of both parties.

However Arafat immediately disavowed any commitment he had made and reiterated the Palestinians goal of destruction of the Jewish state. The present Palestinian government has not eased in any the demands it makes; and Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues rocket attacks on Israeli settlements. Hezbollah in Lebanon, an Iranian puppet, periodically launches rockets into Israel and has the capability of reaching beyond Tel Aviv.

Religious leaders as quoted by Friedman in the New York Times inflame the Arab world with such statements as by the Pakistani cleric Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai: “When the Jews are wiped out, the world would be purified and the sun of peace would rise on the entire world.” — Aug. 1, 2012. Shades of the Nazi.

Iran with whom the president would talk has openly and consistently expressed its policy of destruction of the state of Israel.

Yes, the Israelis have not made that it is better by increasing the number of settlements in the so-called Palestinian State or West Bank. I have they been criticized for construction of the barrier wall in an effort to prevent terrorist bombings. The Palestinians have not been criticized for continuing to attempt suicide attacks.

I believe Romney is in fact be practical in his remark because until I the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world besides Egypt recognize the existence of Israel state as it exists today there can be no peace in that part of the world. I

I will address the tax statement tomorrow. In the future for those who were unaware of the history of Palestine; the West Bank and Israel I shall write a post is near future.


  1. Were Native Americans wrong to fight against losing their land because the white man wanted a "greater America" from sea to shining sea? I don't think so. Same with the Palestinians.

  2. 12:28 PM I appreciate your comment.This is a subject that I intend to answer to the best of my capabilities in the near future.There is s great deal of misconceptions by all on the issue. However there are other subjects such as Romney's tax statements and local issues that must come first so I can not predicate when I will so post.