Monday, September 24, 2012


Which should you believe; If you click on "road resurfacing" in the box Plainfield News (on the left of home page) you will see that construction is under way on Cushing Rd, South Ave. and Watchgung Ave. If you click on the Carrousel's (at the top) "under construction" slide you will note that Cushing Rd. and South Ave. have been completed and utility markings are being done on some of the streets that may be  done before it gets too cold.  This is as  of 9:00am 9/24/12.

On the events calendar for October the Council Business meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Oct. 9. I believe that the usual and customary date is the 2nd Monday of the month unless there were extra-ordinary circumstances. Note; a review of the Council meeting schedule for 2012 shows that Tuesday  Oct. 9 ids correct. Will Council President Mapp have a conflict? He did with the Sept. ASS.

Sunday's "60 Minutes" was one of the best apparantly unbiased TV political shows that I have seen in years. I did not watch any of the  morning talk shows which were politically oriented.  I only wish that tere were aan easily available transcript to read; I trust my eyes  more than my ears and memory.

I do not know how others feel; but I find it demeaning for our President to appear on such talk shows as Letterman's and the View; or comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live. To a lesser extent that is applicable  to the First Lady. A forum which is acceptable  for Lady Gaga should never be the sounding board for the nation's leader.

This could have been Tuesday's Blog but I would most likely forgotten most by then. I hope to have a worthwhile post  then and because of the Holy Day will not post Wednesday.

By the way the spelling checker decided not to work.

Back to the streets; it would be proactive if  at least for the recent paved streets and those with minimal deterioration tarring of the  cracks would be done while it is still warm enough for suc preventive services. We should maintain what we have  and not let such deterioration happen as has bee the case  during the past 7 years. Not to do so shows(a0 no pride in the city and (b) no regard for  the true socts to the taxpayer.

Today marks the  opening of the United Nations sessions and the annual influx of world leaders especially from third world nations who use the meeting as a platform to bash this country and Israel Most of the bombastic talk is for home consumption  but some also is designed to create violent reaction in parts of the world. Never-the less, I believe that the UN has been a positive  force in the world.

On a negative election note; I feel it is sad that our President would snub the leader of a nation which he proclaims to be our ally in order to not disrupt his election campaign schedule.


  1. From the 60 Minutes help link on its website -

    Question: Where can I find video footage or transcripts for a show?

    Answer: If you are looking for video footage or transcripts, please call (212) 975-6441.

  2. I agree on the talk show topic. One would think there are more pressing responsibilities than pandering to talk show hosts and audiences. It does not matter who is in the White House - they don't belong on talk shows/variety shows/comedy shows, all of which apply to Letterman et al.

    As to crack-filling, you are correct about the preventative nature of the task. However, it is unlikely that it will occur. It is difficult to achieve without the proper equipment, which I do not believe Plainfield has in its DPW inventory. Typically, the cracks are blown free of debris with a compressor and then filled with an asphaltic emulsion from a tank truck or trailer. They certainly have the former, but not likely the latter.

  3. Netanyahu's antics remind me of the Tiki Barber farewell tour. Lots of noise, lots of "It's all about me", lots of yes-men and real opportunities, and when push comes to shove his life turns into a shambles. I actually applaud Obama for holding him at bay. Who wants US foreign policy to be dictated by the ideologues of a foreign country?

  4. There are a few other issues to solve in the world before we start wasting time on the Presidents tv appearances. Also, if the "Lady Gaga Rule" is to be used then he shouldn't have been on 60 minutes either - since she has been covered on that show.

  5. 11:44am-I bet you did not expect me to post your comment but the comparison of a head of a nation with an individual is so inane. No wonder you are anonymous. To bad you are not Jewish because you could have had the opportunity this Wednesday to atone for your sin of bigotry.

  6. Road surfacing surprises. West Front St at Rock Ave. which has been bad for so-o-o-o many years. A portion of Woodland Ave at Randolph Road. These repairs will ease the beating our vehicles have been experiencing!