Thursday, September 6, 2012


Last night one of this generations greatest orators and demagogues held sway at the Democrat Convention. In a hour long nominating speech for President Obama; ex-President Clinton waving his famous "I did not have sex" index finger presented point after point why there should be "Four more years". It was a effective and powerful indictment of the Romney/Ryan promises as well as a recounting of the positives of this administration.

The only problem was that he talked too long and may have lost some of his non-partisan audience.

I had heard earlier this week that Dave Wynn had resigned his position as head of the Recreation Division. It should be hoped that there will be a complete and honest investigation of the rumors of irregularities in that office. There were too many to sweep under the rug.


  1. President Clinton didn't lose his listeners. Good riddence to bad trash with Dave Winn.

  2. Agreed on both points! (Except for the spelling of Wynn.)

  3. May I be "flip" and say, "When the heat gets too hot, you gotta get out of the kitchen"

    Quite apropo methinks!