Sunday, September 23, 2012


What value is the Plainfield site? Still posted is notice about the beginning resurfacing  of South Ave., Watchung Ave. and Cushing Rd. all completed some time ago. There are bo notices about the streets that have been started or will be this September.. The site despite an IT Division is not sufficiently informative or regularly maintained.

Regarding streets; would it not be helpful if there was a daily listing of roads that are either closed or under construction and alternate routes? This would include the Richmond Ave Bridge project that seems to be forever.

Next Monday, Oct. 1, is the Agenda session. There should be reports under unfinished business the status of the Monarch 200+K claim, the CFO search, the Corporation Counsel vacancy, and JFK's Muhlenberg plans.

If the Monarch claim is closed how was it settled and who authorised any payments? This seem3ed to have been a closed negotiation process under Williamson without any updates via the Council to the taxpayers.

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