Monday, September 24, 2012


For the few of us who listened to 60 minutes Sunday night IT may have been a revelation. Romney  came across much different than he has been described in print and TV. Equal time individually was given to both the president and to. The questions asked by different interrogatories or the same basically for both with the exception of specific references certain topics.

It is my opinion that both came over exceptionally well. Romney contrary to the pundits statements has specific ideas on improving the economy and in the field of healthcare. His tax plan will make out its overall reduction in grade by eliminating unspecified loopholes.

He does focus on the middle class by minimizing the tax rate on interests and dividends and capital gains from the sale of assets.The latter from the sale of stock represents an erosion of principal. As a senior citizen living off savings plus a relatively small monthly Social Security check;I find this interesting as I watch my resources dwindle.

 I can buy his argument that taxes on dividends represent double taxation since the money has already been taxed as income at the corporate level.

Romney’s health care plans for those in Medicare age group bear further consideration. It is the 50 million uninsured that would fall out of President Obama’s. At present States do have provisions for the uninsured’s care and that would still be left to the individual states supported but not administered by federal bereaucracy.

Obama excuses the lack of his programs complete effectiveness in helping the economy as due to the strongly partisan division in Congress especially the Republican majority in the House.

The  President glossed over the fact that in the first two years of his Presidency he had a Democrat control Congress. It is true that he now has a do-nothing antagonistic Congress.
  In the matter of foreign affairs Romney who is a complete novice stated that the United States must reinforce its support for Israel as a nation and try to work with those other Middle East nations that are not antagonistic to America.

 Obama felt that his foreign policy in the Middle East has been successful and was in no need for change.

The above is preliminary and we wait with interests for the first debate between Romney and Obama on Wednesday, October 6.

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