Friday, September 7, 2012


"Politicians are the craftiest and most cunning of all con artists and salesmen. They can manipulate even the most cherished beliefs and intellectual arguments to convince you to give them immense coercive power over other people and eventually, even over you. They're so good at it that they can even convince many to become fanatic supporters, and themselves to believe their own bullshit." -- Rick Gaber

This quotation should summarize the past two weeks gab fast in prime time.

Neither candidate gave a memorial speech. Neither candidate spoke factual goals instead of generalities. Today, we have no clearer idea what programs either will propose than we did a month ago.

One fact; Obama did say he would raise the income tax for those earning over $250,000.00. But what other changes in the tax law and the closing of specific loopholes remain unsaid.

In foreign policy: Romney would pursue an aggressive policy against Iran’s nuclear weapon program even if it meant war as last resort. Obama would rely on talk.

The Republican Platform pledged active support to our ally Israel; stopping short of active military action. It continues to re cognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Democrat Platform initially dropped all previous support for Israel and its capital. It took a floor fight and 3 (three) votes to reinsert recognition of Jerusalem as the capital. There was no military and political support mentioned but later in Obama’s speech a declaration of the right for Israel to exist.

Despite Booker’s assertions that the omissions were unintentional

. The prolong floor fight to reinsert something that the President and their candidate desired raises questions on the sincerity of a Democrat Administration and Congress if push comes to shove.

As the next 60 days unfold we may get a definitive idea where each party stands on many issues

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