Monday, September 10, 2012


As anticipated the Council meeting was over by 9:25pm. That included some 45+ minutes of remarks from many of the small group of citizens present.

Of note was a Resolution which was removed from the Consent Agenda commending Maria Pellum and Barbara Kerr for their efforts that resulted i n the well landscaped peninsula at Park and East 9th. It took over 3 years to prevent another eyesore. Well done Ladies.

Mr. Darden again requested a "forensic audit" of Plainfield's finances; citing the continued absence of responsible fiscal personnel. That is a good suggestion that will never be followed through.

Others questioned why we have to separate recycles only to have them all dumped into the same truck. The Administration was asked to look into the matter.

After several speakers questioned why some Councilors voted at the agenda session not to include a Resolution to have a collection agency collect outstanding Court fines; Council President Mapp remarked that he would be sure to have it on the October's Agenda. Since only 5 Council members were present it seemed unlikely that those who had rejected the week before would change so that the needed 5 votes would be present.

Mapp made a correction yo the popular opinion that the collection agency fee would come out of the monies recouped. The City would receive 100% , the agency's charges of up to 22% (by law) would be added to the sums they received. That means that some $780.000.00 owed the city is not considered worth getting by several of our "leaders".

Should they be the ones who decide our fiscal well being? One even suggested that no tickets be issued on Saturday so more shoppers would come into town. That would mean that the meters could be disregarded.


  1. Forensic audit... no one will support it... guess it truly is all about Obama in 2012.

  2. It could be that the City Council that does least does best. Street encroachments are right up its alley. They're where our 'leaders' excel. Beyond that, not much, although they do a pretty good job of spinning our wheels just for the fun of it too.

  3. The person who spoke of no tickets on Saturday was a council person (who has not paid her second quarter taxes by the way). She asked if she needed to pay the ticket, and the answer is obvously not, since the council has voted that anyone coming to Planifield can do what they want:
    Disorderly conduct etc.

    And the city council not only says that they are not held accountable, but the citizens of Plainfield will gladly pay more for their crimes. The money that we could collect would go to relieve taxpayer burdens, but the council seems to think that Plainfield is made up of people with money trees in their back yard.

    In my opinion, those who voted against this measure should resign. They do not understand why they are on the council (to represent the citizens, not themselves), they do not understand the basic rules of business, and they do not understand how much Plainfield citizens are hurting. They should do the decent thing and resign.

  4. I know that you guys don't always agree with the council member's, but i bet ever council member sitting on the council would support a FORENSIC AUDIT