Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Corrected Blogger's Beef"

Most of the time I write my blog in  Word 2007 then copy it and paste it  into the blog  for posting. Sometimes there are gremlins and the results are to say the least;ODD. Reduplication of some paragraphs occurred in the original Word draft. I thought that I had cleaned the draft and when I previewed my post there did not appear to be any aberrations. It was not until today when I reviewed  the blog I found  several reduplications in  out of order places. . I hope this now is correct and makes sense.

Do you know that a recent study showed that New Jersey ranks number two out of the 50 states in median income? That is some $12,000 above what the Census Bureau reported this week as the nation's median household income — the midpoint for the nation — as just over $50,000.

Despite that fact; New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 9.9%. which means that somewhere in New Jersey, probably up in the hills, there is an enclave of multimillionaires. Certainly these  above statistics can not be valid in Plainfield; although it would be interesting to know what the true unemployment rate is in this area

Wasn’t there something called the “The do not call list”? I believe I signed up for it on both my land line and cell phone. Yet, yesterday during the lunch hour I had three Telly Marketers calls in succession to inform me of the virtues changing utility companies or refinancing my home etc. This does not include the fact that apparently I am a dedicated member of both major political parties who bombard me with this request for financial support. There’s the Leukemia Society and some so-called Veterans' Association which are frequent callers not to mention various charities that I contribute to an annual basis.

These intruders have become so sophisticated that they no longer use the 800 numbers but call from various listed area codes with an unlisted number. Indeed as I was writing this I received  my semi weekly call from area code 201 informing me that if I am a senior citizen I could get insurance against life threatening injuries or death.

I and I suspect the other Plainfield bloggers often get anonymous comments that accused various civic leaders of specific improprieties. I since the validity of these charges cannot be verified and the writer not identified for more information on these comments are relegated to the virtual circular file.

Publishing such comments would not only create the risk of a libel suit; but would be yellow journalism at its worst. Thus, if the writer any such comment feels justified he should identify himself at least the blogger.

Finally, did you note the state today’s print media?  The first pages of Saturday’s Courier featured as news and article on pizzas and another on craft beers. There was no international or local news of any sort. The ledger’s front page was not much better.

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