Friday, September 28, 2012


Rainy stormy Friday 28: October is three days away. The regular Baseball season has only 6 days left, and until the postseason no more evenings wasted being frustrated by a bunch of clowns. A month until College Basketball a great spectator sport. The NHL season is in  jeopardy if one cares.

More important,5 more days until the first "Presidential Debate" a must watch. Perhaps our thought process on the election will be stimulated. It is 5 weeks until election day. Time to make judgments by understanding everything you read is not true. Both parties are experts in distorting the truth. In fact  they are firm believers in the Goebbels/Hitler theory  that if you tell the big lie often enough and loud enough people will believe that it is the truth. Talk show  hosts, columnists, and TV anchors are the conduits for their propaganda. 

Fortunately, tonight I should have  Monday's Council agenda and a chanced Saturday to review available background material. That means Sunday and Monday delegated posts and of course a  follow up on the meeting.

As promised ;  The 2nd of the 5 myths:
2. Members of the 47 percent will never pay federal income taxes.
Politicians and commentators often talk about those who don't pay income taxes as though they're in a special club with lifetime membership. In fact, it's a highly diverse group, some of whom move in and out from year to year.
When they first join the workforce, for example, young people may not earn enough to pay federal income taxes. The same is true for many of the temporarily unemployed, working parents and entrepreneurs whose businesses experience a loss. But most of these people look forward to the day, perhaps in just a year or two, when their incomes will rise and they will join or rejoin the 53 percent of Americans who do pay federal income taxes.
The reverse is true for many senior citizens: They may pay no federal income tax in retirement, but most did during their working years.

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