Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Once again we seem to have been fortunate to have missed the worse of Tuesday's storm. We should be thankful that there seems to be a highway which is taking the bad weather just north of 80 and south of 95.

It was not the storm or the Holiday that has delayed my intended post today, but not being able to coalesce my thoughts about the latest national political hullabaloo. I have previously remarked that the campaign was going to get dirty and it has started.

With luck I may be able to post some contentious words of wisdom later today.

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  1. Doc, you are totally wrong on this. We get to see Romney as he really is and as many very wealthy people are. Remember, many of the wealthiest people in this country pay no Federal Income Tax. If you can't handle the heat, watch what you say. I'm also concerned about how comfortable he is talking with this group about this and how stilted he is with real working people.