Friday, September 21, 2012


I have no excuse for not having a blog ready early as Friday morning. It is true that watch Giants last night. Thank goodness I ignored the Met’s game if you can call allowing eight runs the first inning and seven runs in the ninth inning a baseball game.

My delay was to decide upon a subject; and I decided this November’s local election issues have not been explored sufficiently..

Of the two races involving positions on the Council; the third Ward race should result in a reelection of Council President Adrian Mapp. It is the “Councilman at-Large “that is of interest.

In the matter of Plainfield where in politics winning the Democrat primary election is the equivalent of being elected in November; I must reiterate my repugnance of having any religious leader in a political office. This is not a personality matter but rather a conviction that their beliefs will impact upon their decisions.

However, it is unfortunate that little has emerged about the only avowed opposition candidate, Gloria Hendricks. She has almost an impossible road to haul. It will take a great effort is to persuade the school Republican minority, those that voted against Rev. Brown the primary, and sufficient number the large group of independent voters to cast their ballots for her.

The mitigating factor is that it is a Presidential election year and the turnout this year will begin be expected to be extraordinarily large. It is those who ordinarily do not vote in a local election that can be the deciding factor

There are other races that are unique this November including the board of the education election. There are five candidates for the three seats. Although the board of education elections are supposed to be nonpolitical there was a slate of three; Hendricks, Crittendon, and Hamlin announced at the city Democrat committee meeting.

There’s a referendum for a commission to study changes in the city charter, and also seven candidates for the five possible commission members is the referendum is approved. The referendum should receive approval by the electorate

With only six weeks left before the election (it) is hopeful that the league of women voters will hold their traditional forum far enough in advance to give voters sufficient time to make intelligent decisions.


  1. Doc.. Adrian Mapp said it best.
    Poor Gloria..doesn't matter if she is beyond intelligent enough, beyond capable, beyond more qualified to lend a decision for the citizens.. She doesn't have the Magic "D"...and it's all about Obama.
    So when you have Mapp and Storch whining in public about the obstructionist on City Council ( OH AND THEY WILL BE...CROCODILE TEARS AND ALL ) I hope to be one of the first to remind them of the fact that they are being hypocrites regarding Rev Brown.. They've told everyone to vote for her during the primary and during the election. Intelligence plays no part in this election.. That city council is as important as don't vote like a half wit..Like Mapp and Storch want you to vote. Just so you can hear them cry later.

  2. I think the Republican party in Plainfield should shoulder some blame. They are non-existent in this city, and are doing nothing to try to revive itself. They might be surprised of results if they did.

    Gloria H. made a statement that she is running because she can do better after viewing the Ward One Town Hall meeting. We have heard nothing from her. I guess doing nothing is doing better. Politics in Plainfield is a laugh and a shame.

  3. The Republican Party is alive and well....all 14 of us. Jim Pivnichni did a commendable job of running for Mayor. The reality is that it is hopeless. This is a deeply embedded, unalterable, Democratic enclave. The inevitable depredations that arise when one party, be it Democrat or Republican,are permanently in power, prevail.The only effective weapon of protest at our disposal is to OPT OUT of the ain't much, but its something.This will probably buy me another load of tires or mattresses dumped in front of my house and Ole Doc wants to know why some prefer anonymity.

    Bill Kruse