Saturday, June 9, 2012


The agenda setting session will be held on Tuesday instead of the usual Monday. That is due to the fact that the Monday after the Primary elections is reserved for the reorganization of one of the two local political party committees. This year it is the Republicans who alternate each year with the Democrats in selecting their local organization.

Tuesday will be the penultimate meeting for deputy city clerk India Coles. She will be sorely missed and when AJ returns from his medical leave he will find that he may have an impossible job replacing her.

One positive item for the meeting will be the receipt of the Mayor's communication announcing the appointment of Diane Sherry-Buono as CFO. She is at present the CFO for Lambertsville and has an accounting history starting with two major accounting firms dating back to 1987.
Action will betaken on her appointment at the business meeting, Monday June 18.

Included in the discussion items is one on the assignment of city vehicles. On the first meeting of the year the Council by resolution assigns the use of various vehicles; to which City executive or employee and the limits on their use. It may be that employees are using vehicles 24 hours a day instead of just their assigned work load. Also there has been rumors of other non authorized use.

Another discussion subject is the reported access to the fuel pumps by city employees and perhaps civilians for personal vehicles. This could be a felony. The June 5 th Star Ledger had an article about 3 Essex County workers charged with taking county gas for their personal use.( click. )

I will try to post mere on the meeting's agenda Monday but as I have noted I will be entertaining house guests for the next three days.

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