Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sorry I can not tell you what are the resolves of the replacement resolution citing the Mayor for the WBLS incident. R222-12 was missing from the packet in the Library.

The only information on the agenda sheet is that it consists of the recommendations of the investigating officer which I do not have on hand. If memory serves me right ; those recommendations were at best evasive.

There are two resolutions pertaining to the July 4th celebrations; R240-12 is for $8068.00 to the County for the use of Cedar Brook Park, part for police presence and the rest for clean up. R241-12 is for the fireworks in the amount of$13,500.00.

The costs for the other activities have to be reported by Recreation Division who is in charge of the weekend events. There are no resolutions in April or May to authorize any expenditures and it may be covered in the budget. However given Recreations track record it may be difficult to obtain complete data.

In the years past there was an Independence Day Committee that worked with Recreation and had complete charge of the Independence Day activities. Part of its charge reads:
"A. The Committee shall be in full and complete charge of the arrangements for and the manner of conducting the Independence Day Celebration."
Unfortunately there has been no appointments to that committee so that it has not functioned since 2001 well before the present administration. It should be revitalized so that the 4th celeb ration can return to near the level it was when the parade was THE PARADE in Central Jersey.

A gala celebration is to be held this year but there has been minimal publicity

Among unanswered questions is when will the CFO be submitted for approval, a Council responsibility? Also the Purchasing Agent is leaving. Tuesday night I asked if a replacement was being sought and was told a RFQ was ready to be posted. As of this morning there is none listed on the Plainfield site. Both issues are examples of sloppy fiscal handling by our government.


  1. What time Monday? I have to see this. As usual, this administration and her stooges can't get a job done right. All the fine print should have been take care of in May.

  2. Business meeting is 8PM at the Court Room.