Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Late night, early morning appointment= my comments on Council meeting will be delayed until late afternoon.

However, despite the unusually small public attendance the meeting had a great deal of "meat" and some turmoil. Since Bernice was there I am sure her blog today will as usual contain most of the important factual goings on. Thus, my report(s) will be more commentary then plain factual.

At the end perhaps a most important significant moment occurred when Councilor Annie announced that she will be attending Graduate School to pursue Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Political Administration. She will be leaving the Council before her term expires.

It is impossible to express what a loss this is to the Council and City. Annie has raised the position to a level that only a rare few have. Her youth, her knowledge, her commitment, and her desire to better this community are combinations which we would wish all Council Members had. Annie you will be missed.


  1. Annie McWilliams is a breath of fresh air and ethical actions. She will be missed by many, especially since Tracy Brown could never fill Annie's shoes or have the moral or ethical standards Annie has. Plainfield will miss you sorely, Annie.

    Bob Bolmer

  2. It is too bad Annie is leaving... Too bad for Plainfield.
    The Mayor will have what she needs to finish the hot mess she started. The New Dem's could have done something but Adrian Mapp and Cory Storch didn't have the ability to see past ideology and fight for practicality.
    The Mayor's City Council ( Reid, Rivers, Greaves and Brown ) will undo any small gains, will strip the library of funding, allow the Rec Department to Crush the Queen City League amongst other things. All the while Storch and Mapp will be crying they are fighting the fight.
    It will be interesting as only Rebecca can sit there truly proclaim she is working for the citizens.

  3. Annie McWilliams, I agree with Bob, that Annie is a breath of fresh air, ethical actions and morals. I will miss what she adds to the Council. I was pleased to see a young lady with honesty, intergrity and fairness, for our city sitting on the council. Continued Blessings to you Annie with all your future endevours and Thank You for the time and guidance you gave us.

    Jaclynne Callands

  4. Pat Turner KavanaughJune 19, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    We are in trouble, folks. The Rev. Tracey Brown was due to give the mayor her majority after the reorganization in January; now it could happen any minute. I don't begrudge Annie this opportunity - she's put in far more service than sensible - but I do worry that The Rev. will start to undo the City that much sooner. Henriques for Plainfield. Slim chance but our only hope.