Friday, June 29, 2012


I received this in my email yesterday .The writer is a Belgian, one of those dedicated in keeping the memory of the WWII and the Airborne alive:

Dominique Potier
11:06 AM (19 hours ago)

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Dear Friends,

Like every year I spent one week in Normandy in June . This week is sacred for me . It's not really the time to think about WW2 veterans because it's every day . But It's special because you walk where so many heroes gave their lifes for our liberty . Like every year my first stop was at Daint Mère Eglise Church for a prayer to all my US friends .
I took 2.000 photos but I can't put all ... You will find here around 180 photos , my favorites ... Hope you will enjoy it .

God Bless America

Dominique Potier

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  1. Some years ago I had the honor and privilege to visit the cemetery at Normandy. Viewing the row upon row of white crosses helps to frame the enormity of the losses that were suffered in that war. We went from the cemetery to the surrounding towns with there memorials and museums, and visited the actual battlegrounds. Having just witnessed the resting place of so many dead Americans, we gained a deeper appreciation for their ultimate sacrifice, as well as the sacrifice of their families at home. We were lucky; my dad survived the war in the Pacific. So many others were not so lucky. I think of that trip often, the sights of the invasion beaches, the rows of white crosses. Let us never forget their sacrifice.