Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A reader asked why I had not opined on immigration.

I did reply that I had, but since as of Jun. 25,12 I have made 2323 postings in this blog since Feb. 2008 that even though I can isolate most that mentioned immigrants it would be too time consuming to review all.

Likewise over the years I have posted many times on the subject of Health Care. This included a review in 2008-9 of the systems in many other countries.

In June 2009 I made at least 3 posts on the subject; one was on June 19 “HEALTH CARE #1 If the link works try it. The sidebar should list others that month.

On Feb. 19 this year I ended a post as follows: “health care has become a business and must be treated as one.” That is the difference between the practice of medicine in the Golden Age of the 60s and today.

I will wait until after the Supreme Court releases its decision on Thursday and perhaps have time to absorb the various Justice’s opinions. There will without doubt be more than one affirmative and dissenting opinion on this monumental act.


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